Outer Banks Bike Week

March 2, 2018 3:21 pm

Welcome Bikers!

It has been written, “that four wheels move your body and two wheels move your soul.” Get ready as the 16th Annual Outer Banks Bike Week stirs your soul April 21 – 29, 2018. Join us as local and national entertainment takes the stage; over 100 vendors sell your favorite items, and coastal Carolina seafood and BBQ are on the menu!

OBX Bike Week - Ramada Nags Head Plaza - image by Andrei Ianovskii

Outer Banks Bike Week Music Festival

The Music Festival that opens and closes Bike Week is a must-attend event during your stay on the Outer Banks NC. Here is an overview of the headline performers and the dates they will be performing.

  • Blackfoot – April 21
    Blackfoot is an American Southern rock band from Jacksonville, FL formed during 1970. The band’s classic lineup consisted of Rickey Medlocke, Charlie Hargrett, Greg Walker and Jakson Spires. They had many successful albums during the 1970s and early 1980s. However, later in the 1980s, the Southern Rock genre was considered passé by the pop music press, and the band attempted to change their style. The band members changed numerous times in the years to follow. In 1996 Blackfoot released their first album in 20 years, Southern Native. Although there are no founding members of the band in its current lineup, Rickey Medlocke joins the band on stage for certain concerts. Band members are Seth Lester, Matt Ananstasi, Jeff Shields, Tim Rossi and Derek Desantis.
  • Christopher Shayne – April 22
    Shayne, well known throughout the American southwest for his former band Whiskey Six, now delivers dusty southern rock on his debut solo album, Turning Stones. Born and raised in Arizona, Shayne attended his first concert – Aerosmith and the rest is musical history. Shayne’s touring gigs include NASCAR events, Country Thunder and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation.
  • Mark Farner – April 27
    Farner is the engine that took the original Grand Funk Railroad – one of rock music’s most successful groups – to the top of the charts as their lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and principle songwriter. The group made a beeline to rock stardom following their show-stealing performance before 180,000 people at the Atlanta International Pop Festival in 1969. Grand Funk’s self-titled second album just missed the Top 10 and contained such Funk classic composed by Farner as “Mr. Limousine Driver” and “Paranoid”. In 1977, Farner released his self-titled first of two solo albums. It, and its follow up No Frills in 1978. Both albums are filled with soulful ballads and catchy, hook-filled pop tunes with stinging social commentary reflecting Farner’s consciousness about politics, the environment and spirituality. Farner was on board for Grand Funk Railroad’s reunion of its original three members in 1981. Even after 49 years on the road, some sort of magical transformation takes place when Mark Farner steps on stage.
  • Jackyl – April 28
    In their 27th year, Jackyl shot out of Georgia with its wild, untamed and uncouth approach to rock ‘n’ roll. Equal parts hard rock, heavy metal and Southern rock. Jackyl formed in 1991 and brought rock ‘n’ roll back – back to its down-to-earth, wild, fun-loving origins. Touring mates in those early days included Aerosmith, Kiss, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, and Damn Yankees. Staying true to their working band roots, ever since 2008 Jackyl has been on the road playing the festival circuit. Band members are Jesse James Dupree, Chris Worley, Roman Glick and Jeff Worley.

General Tips for Attending Bike Week

A complete list of tips and hints on how to get the most out of attending a Bike Week or motorcycle rally can be found on Clutch & Chrome Motorcycle Magazine. Below is an abbreviated list of the most obvious tips:

  1. Make sure your motorcycle is in good working order
    Not only does the routine maintenance need to be completed to the manufactures’ recommended schedule, but the mileage that will be added to your motorcycle’s odometer during the trip should be considered as well. If possible, anticipate any fluid changes and have them completed by your trusted motorcycle mechanic.
  2. Don’t drink and ride
    Aside from the fact that drinking and riding is a stupid idea at any time, doing it in a new town while riding on unfamiliar roads with more than the usual number of law enforcement on the streets puts it in the category of extremely dumb moves.
  3. Take Cash
    To avoid losing your hard-earned money in ATM transaction fees, take the cash that not only you can afford too, but also feel comfortable carrying. While at Bike Week, use a credit or debit card, in places such as restaurants or in dealerships when buying apparel. Save the cash for casual bars and stands selling everything from helmet stickers to chaps.
  4. Be careful where you park
    Even with all the efforts of local law enforcement, riders take responsibility to personally ensure they come away from a rally with the same motorcycle they rode in on. Park in well-lit areas, parking lots that have a lot of activity and limit the entrance or exits to only one. The warning signs include anyone loitering around the area, tampering or simply taking too much interest in a motorcycle. To help fellow bikers, while riding around the event keep an eye out for people walking motorcycles or loading them onto a trailer.

When parking at Ramada Inn Nags Head Hotel, our parking lot will be well-lit, have security cameras, and have a designated parking area for bikers.

Outer Banks Bike Week Hot Spots

If you are an Outer Banks Bike Week veteran, then you already know where to gather. For those newbies, here are the hot spots offering good food, fun, and fellowship:

  • Outer Banks Harley-Davidson, Currituck Mainland, Harbinger. Retail store, bike rental and sales, entertainment, and designated bike parking.
  • Longboard’s Island Grill – Kitty Hawk, on the Bypass, east side. Entertainment, food and drink specials, ocean view deck, designated bike parking and vendor marketplace.
  • BK Shuckers – Kitty Hawk, on the Bypass, west side. Entertainment, food and drink specials, designated bike parking and vendor marketplace.
  • Lucky 12 Tavern – Nags Head, on the Beach Rd. Entertainment, food and drink specials, and vendor marketplace.
  • Nags Head Harley-Davidson, on the Beach Rd. Retail store and designated bike parking.
OBX Bike Week Harley Davidson - Ramada Nags Head Plaza

Reserve Your Stay Today

With 100 miles of scenic barrier islands and tons of participating bike-friendly businesses, it’s no surprise that Outer Banks Bike Week is recognized as one of the East Coast’s best destinations for bikers. Yes, there will be Poker Runs, Bike Shows, Guided Tours, Parties, Tattoo and Bikini Contests. Wake up early to watch the sunrise. Enjoy visiting with old friends and meeting new friends while riding Route 12 and Route 158 during the day. Stake out your place along the sound for Sunset Celebration each evening. We look forward to your arrival at the 16th Annual Outer Banks Bike Week. For complete details, please visit www.outerbankshd.com. Safe travels.